95th oscars

95th Oscars – A short review


It’s really easy to be cynical about awards ceremonies and especially ones as self important as the Oscars. To be honest I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with the Academy Awards. As evidenced by most of the content I write, I love cinema, the experience of the movie theater, and celebrations of the art form. Oftentimes the Oscars fail to deliver on the celebration aspect of moviemaking. As I have written, the previous two years are perfect examples of this in action.

However this installment of the Academy Awards was something different.

You can miss me with all of the elitist opinions around Everything Everywhere all at Once. You can save all your hot takes about Ke Huy Quan being “infantilized”, I suppose simply because he was excited to be around movie stars or winning a prestigious award in his eyes. You absolutely can kick rocks if you want to bemoan the mainstreamification of the Daniels now that they are attached to a Star Wars film.

Just let it be cool that a weird action movie where folks have hotdogs fingers, googly eyes, and hightech multiverse warping bluetooth headsets swept cinemas biggest award night. Give your critical brain a rest and bask in its glory.