About Us

Our purpose is to deliver easy and fun content about highbrow subjects. We want to tear down the gatekeepers. We want to use familiar language for complicated topics or discuss familiar topics with a more theoretical approach. You don’t have to understand a mountain of theory to feel the subversive power of Pope L’s art. It’s ok to just call it badass. That’s what The Colloquial means. It’s a fancy word to say common.

This mission is a personal one. The Colloquial Magazine was created during a time when the co-founders were all facing uncertainty. 5 friends wanting to write, create, entertain, or simply stay connected to each other. We know we aren’t going to be the the best writers or covering the hottest topics, but we also know we can provide a voice and perspective that has value.

Colter Longshore

Creative Director

Colter Longshore is in the 99th percentile in height and the 96th percentile in weight. He is an underemployed media-hack who loves TV, movies, video games, and books, especially if they take place in Middle-Earth. He has too many expensive hobbies to list.

Christian Coleman

Executive Editor

Christian Coleman has an MFA in Poetry from the University of New Orleans. He speaks Irish well enough that he assumes no one can prove otherwise. Professionally, he’s a writer. In his free time, he’s still a writer. He can change a diaper, a Chevy suspension, or an M4 bolt carrier group. He’s also in the US Air Force.


Slate Whitmore

Managing Editor

Slate Whitmore is a professional wrestling and houseplant enthusiast. When not working full-time, you can find him trolling various subreddits, frolicking around local nurseries and antique stores, or coming irresponsibly close to buying old firetrucks.

Caleb McKerly

Director of Operations

Caleb McKerley is a man of few talents and odd taste. Writing is a hobby to distract from his duties in the tech world. When he is not working he can be found searching through record bins, watching strange movies, or reading sports fan-fiction (which is basically all sports “news”).


Peter Corn

Marketing and Editorial Director

Peter Corn’s list of interests far exceeds his ability in nearly all of these interests. I often write about cars and motorcycles, but before getting too good at that, I wanted to write about some other stuff. My one and only God-given and undeniable talent is ramping anything that has wheels, in such a way to force amazement and admiration upon/from any onlookers. My resumes all start and end with this skill.