Let’s Give the Snyder Cut Treatment to 3 More Things


Last June, I first pondered things I wish got the Snyder Cut treatment when the initial plans to release a supersized justice league movie were unveiled. Now that we have reached ZSJL-Day (Zack Snyder’s Justice League, obviously) I have a few more things I would have liked to see fleshed out.

  1. Scrubs Season 9: the “ninth” season of the sitcom spent too much time reminding you of the past and not enough time developing for the future, but what I would really have liked to see here was a spinoff and not the weird hybrid sequel “med school” show that came out. That’s right, give the people what they want. Legal Custodians.
RIP Sam Lloyd
  1. Han Solo A Star Wars Story: Much like episode 9, this is an example of the production company being too heavy handed in dealing with their, in this case directors’, artistic vision. Would the Lord and Miller helmed film have turned out to be a train wreck? Who knows, maybe, but it would have at least been more memorable than what we got, another competent yet forgettable Ron Howard flick.
  2. Age of Ultron: WandaVision helped fill in some of the gaps for the second installment of The Avengers, but considering how pivotal it was in setting up the rest of the MCU, it could stand to have a slightly longer runtime with more details especially involving Thor’s quest between the film and Ragnarok.
Official image for the Snyder cut of the justice league.
Anyway, I’m sure the Snyder Cut will satisfy everyone interested and won’t be the start of more online controversy…