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Jesus Didn’t Need an AR-15 but Joseph Smith Did

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Stop the presses! Lauren Boebert said something dumb. As a day that ends in “Y”, Boebert has silly thoughts she feels a pressing desire to express. In this case, she […]


COVID didn’t go anywhere

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My luck finally ran out and I tested positive for COVID. I hope that writing feverishly allows me to breach the wall of abstraction that has always limited my pieces. […]


I Nominate June 12 to be International Struggle Day

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June 12, 1942 – Anne Frank gets a diary for her birthday.  June 12, 1963 – Medgar Evers pays the last full measure of devotion. June 12, 1964 – Nelson […]


What if Republicans Threw a Party and Nobody Came

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What if Republicans Threw a Party and Nobody Came Imagine a house party. I never went to any while I was at the University of Alabama; I spent my time […]


Made For Love Deserves Your Attention

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HBO’s show Made For Love hasn’t blown up social media like many HBO originals tend to do. Twitter and Instagram haven’t lit up with a surprising appreciation for Ray Romano […]


May 2022 Movie Round-Up

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Like I have said before, I go to the movies a lot. With the recent arrival of my first child, that will probably change for the next month or two, […]

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