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5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes


You should not be going to Halloween parties. There is a pandemic going on for goodness’ sake. But that doesn’t mean the holiday is a total loss. Whether you’ve got some Zoom meetings with family, work costume contests to participate in, or some socially distanced trick-or-treating scheduled, there is still time to get a costume ready. Here’s the Colloquial staff’s top 5 last minute Halloween costumes.

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Clark Kent/Kara Danvers

  1. A pair of glasses
  2. A button down shirt
  3. Superman t-shirt ready to be revealed
  4. You can include a reporter’s notebook and a microphone if you’ve got em.
    Remix it with different hero shirts to be Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne, etc. A truly endless supply of Halloween costumes.
    – Christian Coleman

Street Salesman

  1. Overcoat (or suit jacket)
  2. A collection of odd household items
  3. String or Safety pins
  4. As many watches as you own
    The next process is simple. String or pin a collection of bizarre items to the inside of your overcoat, wear as many watches on each arm as possible, proceed to ask everyone at the party if they wanna buy a watch (or whatever item your peddling). If you lose the Halloween costumes contest, at least you may make a buck or two.
    – Caleb McKerley

Character from LOST

No need for a list here. Take a few old pieces of clothing from that giveaway pile you’ve been meaning to donate, and rip the sleeves off and just rub some dirt on it.
– Colter Longshore

The Ghost

The perfect norm-core costume. It’s been so played out that I’d wager it would be a hit on zoom Halloween parties. Classic is classic for a reason. White sheet, cut some eye-holes, apply some oooOOOOoooo’s.
– Peter Corn

The Skeleton

  1. Black Pants
  2. Black long sleeve shirt/hoodie
  3. White Duct Tape
    The tape work doesn’t have to be anatomically correct, just make it obvious what you’re going for. Add some face paint to further the affect.
    – Slate Whitmore