Grogu and Mando

Grogu and Mando Are Cowards


Let’s begin with a timeline. 

Ca 19 BBY: Grogu is a padawan at the Jedi Temple. Apparently, he escapes.
9 ABY: Mando meets Grogu

Grogu is captured by Imperials
Grogu meets Luke Skywalker

28 ABY: Luke Skywalker’s Jedi School is destroyed and all of his students killed by a death metal cover band

35 ABY: The entire galaxy unites to fight the new-old-stock Imperial threat 

Well, I say “the entire galaxy” but that’s not exactly accurate. There were two notable absences: Grogu and Mando. Where were they when the entire galaxy needed saving? They’re willing to fight the catfish-faced syndicate on Tatooine, but they won’t fight the imperials who tormented them for years? 

Extra-textually, we know that Din Djarin and Baby Yoda aren’t in the Sequel Trilogy because they simply hadn’t been created yet. That’s the danger of Disney relentlessly flogging the same twenty years of Galaxy Far, Far Away history. You run into nonsensical discrepancies. Let’s stay in-universe, though. 

It’s possible that Disney plans (if they even plan) to kill Mando prior to the events of The Rise of Skywalker. That seems possible, but there’s no way they’ll kill Grogu. Baby Yoda has developed a new Force technique which allows him to print money for Disney; he’s not going anywhere, including the Battle of Exegol. 

If Mando is still alive during the events of The Rise of Skywalker, where is he? He’s been fighting imperials for decades and suddenly, he has some better stuff to do? The Darksaber and some jet-packed Mandalorians sure would have been helpful at some point. 

So, let’s assume Mando dies prior to The Sequel Trilogy. (Side Question: Does he die prior to Kylo Ren killing all of the Jedi? Does he ever consider looking for Ahsoka and Grogu’s buddy Luke?) 

Okay, so Mando is dead at some point. I can hear you now: “Grogu can’t fight the Sith; he’s too young.” Fair point. However, he has to go somewhere after Mando dies. Presumably, he would try to get to Luke Skywalker, his other father figure. I can hear you again “But, Christian, Luke goes into hiding after Kylo Ren teppanyakis all of his students.” Aha, another fair point. However, at that point, it’s known throughout the galaxy that Luke Skywalker’s sister is Princess/Senator/Rebel/Jedi/Senator/General Leia Amidala Skywalker Organa Solo. 

She’s a public figure, and her whereabouts are known. Grogu could have easily shown up and Force-talked to her. She would have taken him in. Leia loves lonely boys. 

Alas, no Grogu. The only explanation is that he was shook: him, Mando, Boba, Fennec, and others. The galaxy needed them, and they were nowhere to be found. Baby Yoda just isn’t good for much and neither are Mandalorians. They’re never around when you actually need them.