Five Things I Wish Got the Snyder Cut Treatment

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Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

Twitter was set ablaze on May 20, 2020 by the announcement that there was in fact going to be a version of the Justice League that was edited by Zack Snyder. The problem with all of the “I told you so’s”, is that their original argument was there was already a #SnyderCut that just needed to be released, and the target date of 2021 sounds more like Snyder just wants to go back and completely change a bad film into something better. Those are two different things. The deal with HBOMax however is really interesting because it’s an example, like Arrested Development on Netflix, of a streaming service running with a fan favorite idea into reality.

So if any streaming services are looking for ideas I think we as fans should coalesce around a few that we can loudly echo until they make it happen.

  1. More Firefly: duh.
  2. Star Wars Rebels season 5: This one is a little broader, and while I am excited to get Ashoka back in the Mandalorian (and who knows, maybe Sabine too?). I think there could be room for, if nothing else, a spinoff of what happened on Ahsoka and Sabine’s journey to find Ezra Bridger. Do they find him? Is Thrawn alive?
  3. BBC’s Robin Hood: This one might seem to be an odd choice, but I can’t think of really anything else like it as far as a fun historical romp style series. I would take any type of series similar to this that was set in either medieval times or the golden age of piracy. Just give me some fun bandit adventures in a weekly serial with moderate stakes.
  4. ABC’s FlashForward: There were a string of shows that came out at the beginning of DVR, streaming, or other on demand viewing but before Neilsen ratings accounted for those views, that suffered the same fate. Any of those could also go in this space; Defying Gravity comes to mind. In this weird era, networks were chasing appointment viewing shows like LOST, but were unwilling to let these shows have the multi-season breathing room they needed. Which leads to shows like FlashForward getting cancelled at the end of one season (without informing the writers or showrunner ahead of time), leaving the handful of dedicated viewers on unbelievably unsatisfying cliffhangers with no resolution.
  5. Colin Trevorrow’s Star Wars Episode 9: This one is a huge stretch but maybe we could convince Disney to just de-canon The Rise of Skywalker and make a limited run series? Or follow along with Disney’s already-in-motion idea from Marvel’s What If.