Grace Jones

“Bullshit” by Grace Jones is the Greatest Song Ever Made

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Grace Jones is cooler than anyone you have ever met. Starting out as a striking model, Jones quickly became entangled in the art world. Jones was a visual standout with her androgynous and bold look. She took over the Parisian fashion world before turning her sights on New York. After breaking into the Studio 54 scene, Jones quickly brought in the influence of new artists. Reggae, disco, new wave, funk, and post-punk were merged to forever change the nightclub. Grace Jones is an icon. Jones outgrew modeling, outgrew disco, and was too powerful for cinema. Though, Conan the Destroyer still remains excellent. Grace Jones isn’t discussed nearly enough. 

    Jones is most notable as a “club” artist. Billboard places Jones as the 40th most influential dance club artist of all time. “Slave to the Rhythm” or “Pull up to the Bumper” would probably be considered her nightclub opus. But Jones gave the world a perfect song, a B-side on her first major record, Warm Leatherette. As discussed previously once or twice, there is a scientific test that the Colloquial uses to prove the perfection of a song.  Using three categories scored 1 through 5, a perfect song should record a 15 out of 15. Grace Jones’ “Bullshit” will most assuredly do so.


    A perfect song must have lyrics that will resonate for generations, obviously. Using slang that won’t last is the quickest way to wind up a one hit wonder. Grace Jones provides us with 6 lines that echo with every punk rocker, radical activist, or angsty teen to have ever lived.

If I get tired of all these assholes

It’s alright cause’ I want them to know

I’m sick and tired of all this bullshit

Rough shit, same shit

Hey Jesus come on down and save us, save us, rave on

If those lyrics ain’t true 7 days a week, I don’t know what else could be. 5/5


    A good title is a must for a song to reach perfection. Without it, it can be easily forgotten to new generations. “Bullshit” is more than a title. It’s an emotion. It carries the weight of every class, every group, every person’s troubles. It’s scandalous enough to stand out and honest enough to feel genuine. 5/5


    Grace Jones might be the coolest person ever. I’m not saying that’s definitive, but if you had a “cool” list and left off Jones, you’d be a fool. Just her presence on a song helps contribute to its perfection. 5/5


    You can’t argue with science. “Bullshit” scores a perfect 5 out of 5 for all three categories. If this detailed scientific study serves as your introduction to the song, might I recommend adding it to your Friday Night, Monday Morning, Day Drinking, and Political Rage playlists. It really fits every mood. No real surprise there though, as any perfect song would.