5 Questions Matrix Resurrections Should Answer


We are only weeks away from Matrix Resurrections. The Matrix films premiered in 1999. Smartphones hadn’t been invented, newspapers were still thriving, landlines were still common, Napster had just debuted, and there were only four Star Wars films. It was a totally different world, but it’s the landlines I’d like to focus on first. 

1 — How Do You Get Out of The Matrix Now? 

In the original three Matrix films, the world is perpetually stuck in 1999. When Neo, Trinity, and other redpills need to exit the Matrix, they pick up a connected landline phone and the operator in the real world extracts them. I’m not entirely sure of the logistics of that (isn’t the landline just an illusion created by computer code?) but I’m willing to roll with it. However, if you needed to find a landline in 2021 in order to escape an agent, you’d probably just die. 

So, how do they get out of it in Matrix Resurrections? Or are they just stuck in 1999 forever? 

2 — Are They Just Stuck in 1999 Forever? 

The freed minds and the Zion-born humans believe they are living some time circa 2199. They believe that human beings fought sentient robots in the early 2000s, then the robots won and placed them in the Matrix sometime around 2099. The Matrix exists for 100 years, and then Neo is freed. Neo is then supposed to destroy the Matrix. This is all part of a complex series of controls explained by people who whisper. In the in-universe “reality,” they are closer to 2699. The Matrix has been reset five times previously, and the films take place in the sixth iteration of the Matrix. Okay, fine, I guess. 

What I’d like to know is this: if the Matrix runs for about 100 years before the equation needs to be balanced by The One, is it always 1999 in their dream world? Or, does each Matrix reset begin in 1900 and then run for 100 years? If it’s the latter, can we please see World War II plus superpowers? Please, Wachowskis. I’ll be your best friend. 

3 — Is Every Incarnation of The One Different or Is it Just Keanu Over and Over? 

When Neo is in The Architect’s lair (?) in Matrix: Reloaded, we see dozens of television screens behind them. Every screen has Keanu Reeves on it, and each Keanu is reacting in different ways. Some are defiant, some forlorn, and some just vulgar. Are these Neo’s possible reactions or are they the reactions of past incarnations of The One in the same situation? 

Either way, does The One always look like Keanu or is each one different? If the latter, can we have a lady The One? 

4 — Seraph. Seraph? 

Seraph is a protector of the Oracle in Matrix: Reloaded and Matrix: Revolutions. He fights Neo to a draw in Reloaded, a feat that even agents can’t match. Then, in Revolutions, he approaches the Merovingian’s BDSM club and a leather-clad fetishist remarks, “holy shit, it’s wingless.” 

Wingless? So, he once had wings?

Then, on top of that, he faces Agent Smith and Seraph says, “I’ve beaten you before.” 

Okay, hold the landline phone. He can hold his own against Neo, can beat Agent Smith, and used to have wings. I’ve waited 18 years to learn about Seraph, and I deserve to know. Work with me Matrix Resurrections.

5 — Can You Live in the Construct? 

In the films, human beings operate a miniature version of the Matrix called the Construct. They jack into the Construct using the same brain hole the machines implanted them with. The Construct is where they get their fly clothes and all of their guns. In Reloaded, we see humans in Zion operating a kind of air traffic control completely within the Construct. They also run fight simulations and the jump simulation in the Construct. 

So, could someone be freed from the Matrix and then just spend all of their time in the Construct? Is the programming too limited to be satisfying? After they won peace with the machines, could they negotiate for some bigger servers and build a Construct that’s livable? Could they create a program in the Construct and then send it into the Matrix? 

Do they know enough about Taco Bell to create a convincing Beefy Five-Layer Burrito? This is important because I’m not trying to eat goop every day.

Matrix: Resurrections premieres on December 22, 2021, and I demand answers. 

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