The Four Greatest Birmingham Barons Based on Pop Culture Impact

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Minor league baseball is back and there can be only one king, the Birmingham Barons

Reggie Jackson

In 1967, Legendary “Mr. October”, Reggie Jackson, played for Birmingham’s minor league affiliate, then known as the Birmingham A’s. Although, he is likely most famous for his appearance in Naked Gun, where he is notably the only superstar athlete not to be credibly indicted on murder charges later. Is that just a coincidence or does that say something about the character of a Baron?

Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson in Birmingham Barons uniform.

The “hometown hero” of the bunch, Bo grew up in the greater Birmingham metro area and played both football and baseball professionally and at the collegiate level. What college, you might ask? I can’t remember, I guess it’s not important. What is important, however, is his association with the Birmingham AA team catapulted him into pop culture stardom by paving the way for him to be the most dominant videogame characters of all time. Bo Jackson’s avatar in Tecmo Bowl might as well be a cheat code. He is a touchdown machine.

Michael Jordan

Like Bo Jackson, you might know that Michael Jordan was a multisport athlete. Obviously he is most famously a Birmingham Baron, as shown in the seminal 90s classic Space Jam. Throughout Michael Jordan’s basketball career he got a few endorsement deals and commercial spots, but when he donned the Barons uniform Hollywood came calling.

Britney Spears

Oh yeah, it’s Britney, bitch. I couldn’t find her name on any past rosters, but she had to get the hat from somewhere. #freebritney