3 Predictions for The Book of Boba Fett

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Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni might have the lion’s share of the creative control for The Book of Boba Fett, but producer and director of episodes one and three, Robert Rodriguez, seems to have been given a long leash for establishing new looks within the Star Wars canon.

From a gang of speeder-bikers that would look more at home in a 50s-styled cyberpunk SyFy original to a shaker hood on a Naboo starfighter, as well as a certain scarred-face badass handling the mighty rancor, Bob Rod’s fingerprints are now permanently etched into the galaxy far far away.

Given a long enough timeline and a few more seasons I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a Chevy El Camino landspeeder or if the cantina band traded in “Jizz” (I’m not making that up) for Rockabilly. That might be the case for the far-flung future of the show, but I want to put my predictions on paper for the rest of the inaugural season, so here goes.

Three Predictions for the end of The Book of Boba Fett Season One

Danny Trejo Gets a Machete

This seems the most obvious possible development. The man is literally named “Machete” in several of Rodriguez’s other fictional universes, so why not on the sands of Tatooine? The real question is what materials will it be made of? Beskar? A light-machete? A vibro-chete? The possibilities are limitless.

One More Big Cameo

Antonio Banderas. Banderas is another mainstay of a Robert Rodriguez production. Maybe Max Reebo hires a new musician for his band only this new mystery player has a stomp harmonium case full of thermal detonators and pulse rifles. 

Someone Will Speak Spanish

If “Galactic Basic Standard” is just English, why can’t a character randomly speak Spanish? It seems at least Alderaan might be somewhat Hispanic in nature given the two characters we know were born and raised there are (Cara Dune and Bail Organa).

Is The Book of Boba Fett a necessary entry into the Star Wars mythos? It’s hard to say, but like Solo, it’s introducing some really interesting world building that the mainline movies haven’t since the prequel trilogies and for that I am grateful. It’s far more of a western than even The Mandalorian is, mainly because it has so much of the American west in its DNA, and Rodriguez is responsible for that.